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Joshuwa is Delighted to be Back in School

After poverty forced Joshuwa to drop out of school for over a year, he is now delighted to have the opportunity to get his education back on track. On top of that, BSF is helping his mother establish two small businesses so Joshuwa won't have to drop out of school again.

Kanchi (center) with Joshuwa (right)

Joshuwa's mother, Kanchi, was in a desperate situation. She was working 12-hour days on construction sites in Nepal and struggling to provide for the needs of her three children. She feared for her family’s wellbeing.

Joshuwa was a young lad with a seemingly bright future. But when Kanchi could no longer afford to pay his school fees, Joshuwa had to drop out of school for over a year due to no fault of his own. Kanchi felt discouraged and burdened because she couldn't pay for Joshuwa's education or provide the basic needs of her two other children.

But Kanchi and her family found hope again after joining the BSF program, when BSF stepped in to pay for Joshuwa’s school tuition fees. They also provided him with the necessary stationery and school supplies required so he could return to school for the education he desperately wanted and needed. After returning to school, Joshuwa worked hard and passed his final exams with good grades.

And to support the family further, BSF collaborated with Kanchi and discovered she had skills to raise chickens and grow produce. BSF then provided Kanchi with the two small businesses so she can become more financially sustainable to cover the needs of her children in the future.

In a joint chicken farm project, Kanchi constructed a chicken coop and BSF provided her with 50 chickens and poultry feeding supplies. Some of the chickens are now ready for sale.

BSF also assisted Kanchi with a greenhouse farm where she now grows tomatoes, chillies, cucumbers and many other seasonal vegetables.

Both businesses are flourishing, and Kanchi has a new-found excitement and zest for life. The burden she used to carry has lifted. She is confident her businesses will be profitable to meet all the needs of her family.

"My family and I feel so blessed and grateful to receive this support from BSF during a very difficult time of our life. This is so timely, and we are just extremely thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of this BSF program." ~ Kanchi


BSF is a partner for project J1079 & J1102 with Australian NGO, Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993). Donations to BSF through Global Development Group are tax deductible in Australia, NZ, and the USA.


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