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Creating a World Where Every Child Thrives in a Loving and Sustainable Family


Please note that donations to BSF are only tax deductible for donors giving from Australia, US and NZ.


Thai contributors can donate via QR code. International donors can send a bank transfer. Tap here to contribute.









Who We Are

Founded in January 2020 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Building Strong Families (BSF) is dedicated to addressing the challenge of child-family separation caused by poverty.


BSF strives to prevent children from being placed in orphanages by offering comprehensive support to families experiencing financial challenges. Through strategic partnerships, BSF provides opportunities such as income generation assistance, training, health support, and educational aid to foster strong and sustainable families.


Welcoming families from diverse backgrounds and faiths, BSF believes in the intrinsic value of every child and strives to ensure they have a loving, nurturing family environment.


Together with your support, BSF is dedicated to fulfilling this mission.


What We're Doing

Through your partnership, each BSF program supports 8-10 families over an 18-month period.


Income Generation Assistance

BSF guides families in developing sustainable livelihoods, offering tailored business plans and financial guidance for long-term stability.


Family Fun Days

Bi-monthly events offering families moments of joy, fellowship, and community building, reinforcing bonds and relationships.


Parent/Caregiver Trainings

BSF families gather every other month for vital empowerment workshops, fostering growth and development.


Frequent Home Visitations

Weekly visits by BSF facilitators provide support, mentorship, and personalized assistance to families in need


Education Assistance

BSF offers scholarships for education and vocational training for both children and adults, often complemented by tuition classes and home libraries.


Nurture and Care

BSF respects the beliefs of all participants while offering Christian-based support, fostering an environment of love, respect, and equality.


Health & Nutrition Support

BSF ensures families receive extensive health and nutrition education, along with medical support, promoting well-being and resilience.


Graduation Celebration Camp

A festive gathering to celebrate and honor the achievements of families graduating from the BSF program.

Learn About the Difference Your Support Can Make

BSF has blessed my life.

They have provided activities, advice, training, and have helped me with my work and my house. My life is improving…Now, I know how to fight for my family. I know what steps to take for my children and their future.


Single father providing a family for his two children

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Family Fun Day: A Day of Joy and Unity!

BSF creates joyful family occasions filled with games, food, and laughter for all ages.

Ways You Can Partner with Us

Together We Can Create Positive Change and Transform Lives



Contribute financially to help empower families and transform lives


Pray for BSF families, program partners, donors and staff.


Offer expertise and professional services such as graphic design, communications, media development, marketing and advocacy.


Spread the vision of BSF to those who may wish to join us as partners and help build stronger, sustainable families.

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Every Email Sign-up Empowers Families in Need!

Your simple action of signing up can make a huge difference. By joining us, you're not just subscribing; you're helping empower families facing poverty. Become part of the mission today!

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Building Strong Families Foundation or มูลนิธิสร้างครอบครัวเข้มแข็ง is a registered foundation in Thailand (ชม770), approved by the Ministry of Interior.

© 2020-2024 Building Strong Families


Building Strong Families Foundation is a partner for Project J1079 (Thailand) and Project J1102 (Nepal) with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian NGO approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 from Australia/USA and $5 NZ, with a preference for these approved development projects will be issued by Global Development Group.

© 2020-2024 Building Strong Families

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