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A Young Boy and His Glasses

Even the smallest of things like a little pair of glasses can have a great impact on someone's life. Such was the case for Latte, a young boy who lives with his grandmother in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Latte (left) and his grandmother Januan (right)

Latte lives with his loving grandmother, Januan. The family is an example of a nurturing kinship care family, part of the BSF Chiangmai project in Thailand.

Latte’s grandmother reported to the BSF project coordinator that Latte did not want to go to school anymore and was lagging behind in his studies. BSF began talking with Latte to investigate the reasons for this and decided to visit his teacher at school.

It was discovered that Latte was short sighted and couldn’t see properly. He was therefore unable to focus in school and was falling behind others in his class.

Latte checking his eyesight with the optician

Grandmother Januan was unaware of Latte's condition and was unable to afford to buy him a new pair of glasses. She requested help. BSF supported the family by arranging for Latte to have his eyes professionally checked by an optician and purchasing him some brand-new prescription glasses.

Now, Latte can see so much better in class! He said, "I used to enjoy reading books before my eyesight got worse. Now that I can see clearly, it is so good to be able to read my books again." Latte's attention at school has also improved and he has even caught up to his fellow classmates. Grandmother Januan said he is even finishing his homework properly now!

Both Latte and Januan were so delighted to have received these glasses...something very small, but which has had a very big impact on a young boy's life.

Latte doing his homework with his new glasses

Thanks to all of you who have partnered with BSF in any way, supporting precious young kids like Latte and their families. You are helping to bring about these little changes that have a big impact in lives!


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