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Celebrating Success on Camp

Eight BSF families from Padaed in Thailand have successfully graduated from their 18-month program! To celebrate their achievements, a graduation camp was held in their honour at the beautiful mountain of Mon Jam in Chiangmai.

BSF Padaed families and volunteers

All the families were overjoyed to be on an exciting camp with friends whom they have come to know over this 18-month journey. Despite the cold weather, everyone said they felt warm since they were all together. The camp was bringing an enjoyable chapter of their lives to a close...but the friendships and impact will live on.

Throughout the camp, families shared their journey and expressed their appreciation for each other. The camp atmosphere was perfect for the families to relax and reflect on their time in the program. They all realized how much they had changed and how they had built stronger families for their children.

The children were especially happy as they enjoyed playing games and joining in fun activities together. Meanwhile, all the parents got to rest and relax from all of their hard work.

Everyone received comfort and encouragement as they readied themselves to embark on a new chapter and put what they have learnt into practice. One thing is for sure, many of these friendships will last a lifetime, and these families are now stronger to keep their children in a more sustainable and loving family.

Family Activities


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