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Launching Our First Project in The Land of Smiles

In July 2020, BSF launched our first project in Thailand with an exciting Opening Day. Eight new families were welcomed into the program and will now begin participating in many holistic development activities over the next 18 months.

For our first Thailand Opening Day, BSF was able to take our families to a beautiful botanical garden in Chiang Mai where there were smiles aplenty. Here they heard more about all they will be involved in during the 18-month program, including livelihood support, health and education assistance, training days, family fun days, and so much more to help them become stronger and sustainable. Perhaps most importantly, all families had lots of fun, yummy food, and fellowship, with some even taking a bicycle ride around the gardens with their children. Most had never had the chance to go on such a wonderful outing like this together with their whole family.

Some of these precious families include single mums, grandparents caring for children, single dads, and special needs children. They had such a wonderful day meeting each other for the first time.

With support from BSF, our project partner, The Acts Church of Chiangmai, along with the program coordinator and a team of amazing volunteers, prepared a wonderful Opening Day that many of these families will never forget. BSF is grateful for this partnership to be a blessing to these families and hopefully many more in the future. With all that is prepared for them from this BSF team, these families are in for a real treat and positioned well to experience such positive development in their lives over the next 18 months.

We are also very grateful to our BSF donor partners who have made it possible for us to work with these amazing families and provide holistic family development. Thank you so much for helping us prevent the relinquishment of children to institutions and enabling us to keep more kids in stronger loving families. We appreciate all your backing and support because without you, these families may not be receiving the care they are now experiencing.

Please stay tuned for updates on this new Thailand project and the transformation taking place in these awesome families over the next 18 months.


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