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A Deep Sense of Relief

In your lifetime, have you ever felt a deep sense of relief?

Life can bring many challenges, especially for our BSF families who have faced severe poverty and financial hardship. When those burdens are lifted, it can lighten a load and bring joy to the heaviest heart. That is what happened for Lila Rai.

When our BSF project coordinators and volunteers come alongside each family and take time to listen and support them to discover solutions to many of their challenges, it can bring a deep sense of relief to many. Lila Rai, the head of one of our families in Sunakothi, Nepal, has recently witnessed this deep sense of relief firsthand.

Lila Rai at the Grand Opening of her new Meat Shop

Lila Rai lives with her son, grandson, and granddaughter. Before joining our Building Strong Families (BSF) project, she used to do odd jobs for others to make a little money to support her family, but her income was not enough to feed her family or to provide for her grandchildren’s education.

However, since joining the BSF project, her grandchildren have received educational assistance so they can continue with their schooling. And just recently, Lila Rai has also received Income Generating Assistance (IGA) in the form of a fresh meat shop to help her become more financially sustainable.

Much planning and preparation took place prior to this Grand Opening. Our BSF partner in Nepal connected with Lila Rai many times to listen, discuss, and plan the Income Generating Assistance she so deeply wanted and needed...a fresh meat shop.

At the Grand Opening, Lila Rai shared, “Today, I am so happy and overwhelmed! I have been given an opportunity for a fresh start and direction for my life and family. Now, I am relieved and happy because I have a way to work and increase my income to support my family.” Even her neighbours came to congratulate her on her new shop.

New equipment for the shop
Advertising sign for her new shop

Lila Rai is taking steps forward toward her dream of becoming more sustainable to provide for the needs of her grandchildren and family. BSF will continue to work alongside her to make sure her meat shop is successful and that she can see her dreams become a reality.

We are so grateful to all of you who have supported BSF in any way, which has helped bring such a deep sense of relief to Lila Rai, and to many others like her. Thank you so much.


Would you please consider partnering with BSF to provide income generation assistance and holistic development opportunities to build stronger sustainable families? To donate, please click here: DONATE Thanks for any support you can provide.

BSF is a partner for project J1079 with Australian NGO, Global Development Group. Donations to BSF through Global Development Group are tax deductible in Australia, NZ, and the USA.

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