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A Home for My Family

Food, health care, and shelter are basic needs for our everyday lives. However, many in the areas where BSF works are still unable to provide these essentials for their family. Dukta was once struggling to support his family with these basic needs, but it is a different story now.

Reflecting on the changes in his family, Dukta gratefully said, “When I was in great need, BSF provided me with a place to lay my head and a shelter for my family. I used to be like a slum dweller who had nothing and was abandoned by everyone.

Dukta and his wife have two daughters and a son. Five years ago, they experienced a tragedy in the family and were forced to leave their rural village. They moved to the city and rented a tiny room where they all crammed onto one little bed to sleep at night. Dukta struggled to pay the high rent and provide food for his wife and children.

After joining the BSF project in Nepal, our team worked with the family to reduce their expenses and increase their income. Together, they all decided it would be best to lease some cheap land out of the city where the family could live and work.

Dukta's new land is only two kilometres away from the city and is perfect for the family who have come from a rural background. BSF assisted with the leasing of the land and then provided materials to build a more spacious temporary home.

Dukta said, “Thanks to BSF, I have found this new place to live. Now I can save the money I used to pay on high rent, and put it towards the needs of my family."

Dukta and his family

The building of the new home is now finished and Dukta has moved in with his whole family. There is enough space to grow some crops and a vegetable garden, and Dukta even plans to start a goat farm to further supplement the family income.

Thanks to all our partners who have enabled us to be a blessing to Dukta's family, and many other families like his.


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BSF is a partner for project J1079 & J1102 with Australian NGO, Global Development Group. Donations to BSF through Global Development Group are tax deductible in Australia, NZ, and the USA.


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