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Aunty Kiran Provides a Loving Family for Relinquished Children

It would take a person with a heart of gold to choose to care for three abandoned children. But that is just what Kiran did.

Despite the financial hardships she was facing as a 25-year-old student in Nepal, her love for them prevailed.

Aunty Kiran with her niece and nephews

Through the help of Building Strong Families (BSF), Kiran is now providing a loving and nurturing family for her niece and two nephews. These children may otherwise have been relinquished to an orphanage or moved through many different unknown foster families.


After the father of the children was supposedly wrongly accused and sent to prison for eight years, their mentally ill mother also left them because she couldn’t cope. Aunty Kiran was their remaining guardian. While Kiran loved the children, she wondered if she could manage financially with the hardships she was already facing.

When BSF’s project partner in Nepal heard of Kiran’s situation and her desire to love and care for the children, they invited her to join an 18-month BSF family-strengthening program.

The goal was to give those precious children their dream to remain in a loving family with their aunty.

Since joining the BSF program, Kiran and her new little family are experiencing many blessings.

BSF has provided for all of the children’s educational expenses.

Kiran has taken part in many training workshops to learn how to take care of a family better and to know how to manage money and run a business.

Kiran developing a business plan at a BSF workshop with other participants
Kiran and BSF participants taking part in a health and nutrition training

BSF has also helped Kiran fulfill her dream to establish a retail clothing store. She is now able to her earn more money and become more sustainable to cover her family expenses and finish her studies.

After 9 months in the BSF program, Kiran’s income is gradually increasing day by day. She said, “I am extremely grateful to the BSF project and partners that I am now able to better support my family on my own.

Kiran’s niece and nephews are also glad that their compassionate aunty chose to provide them with a nurturing family where they can thrive and be loved.

Without Kiran, and the support from BSF partners, this loving kinship-care family may not have existed. Thank you for helping to make that possible.


Would you please consider partnering with Building Strong Families (BSF) to help more people like Kiran give children a chance to remain in a loving family?

To know more, please visit the “Support Us” or “Donate” pages on our BSF website: Thank you for any support you can give.


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