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Building Strong Families in Nepal

It is estimated that more than 15,000 children are living in institutional care in Nepal. Sadly, around 80% of these children have living parents.

BSF family in Sunakothi receive a cow and calf to provide income generation for the family

Loving and well-meaning parents/caregivers struggling with poverty sometimes feel they have no other option but to leave their child at an orphanage. Building Strong Families (BSF) wants to give them another option.

BSF believes that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a loving, strong and sustainable family.

BSF has therefore begun working in a poor area of Sunakothi, Nepal, to help reduce the numbers of vulnerable children relinquished to orphanages in that region.

BSF Sunakothi, Nepal

Together with our local partner, BSF has begun to provide holistic support for eight Nepalese families in Sunakothi who are at-risk of separation due to financial hardship.

Our goal is to help them become more sustainable so they can keep their children in a strong and sustainable family.

These eight families participate in BSF for 18 months and receive income generation assistance to help them become more financially sustainable to be able to invest into the lives of their children.

They also take part in training days, family fun days, and receive education and health assistance. Regular home visitations are made to each family to encourage and connect families to existing support services.

These families are now growing stronger, becoming more sustainable, and being empowered to stay together with their children.

By supporting Building Strong Families, you are helping families in Sunakothi keep their dignity and remain together as a loving family. Thanks for making a difference in their lives.


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