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Children Are Precious!

All children are valuable and special. They are often seen as the next generation and yet are also little gems of influence today in their families, communities and nations. It's important to let children and their parents/caregivers know that they are all precious.

Recently, a training day on "Valuing Children" was organized by BSF and Acts Church, for BSF families in Chiangmai, Thailand. Parents and caregivers were encouraged to see their children as precious gifts, to spend quality time together, and to express their love for their children.

Parents also learnt about child development. They examined how creating a loving and nurturing home environment where children are encouraged, loved, and seen as integral members of the family, can aid their psychosocial development.

Discussions included how LOVE is a four letter word that is spelt "T I M E" for many children. While time is a precious commodity for many people these days, it was suggested that all parents need to try to find quality time to spend with their children regularly, to create moments to listen to them, and to show them how they are dearly loved and valued members of the family.

While the parents were engaged in learning, the children enjoyed outdoor games and activities that taught them how special they are, and how to see others as special too. The children also made lovely little gifts to share with their parents.

Near the end of the training day, both children and parents were given an opportunity to express their love and appreciation for each other and to put into practice what they had learnt throughout the day. It was a truly special and precious occasion for all.


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