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Children = Gift

Children light up our lives! They are like beautiful gifts given to parents and the family. Every one of them is unique and precious. To celebrate the gift of children, BSF prepared a fun-filled day for our families in Chhampi, Nepal, to commemorate Universal Children's Day.

On 20th November, 2020, BSF team coordinator, Alisha, arranged a Family Fun Day around the theme of Universal Children's Day. The children rallied together to help decorate the hall with colourful balloons. Many BSF families had never had the opportunity to celebrate this special day together before. There were fun activities, games, and a lot of laughter and yummy food...and even a cup-stacking challenge!

BSF Family Fun Days are usually held every two months over the 18 months the families participate in the project. They provide families with space and time to interact, develop relationships, laugh together, and create unforgettable memories.

There was also an opportunity where all the family members made a commitment to be good role models and examples in their family and community. The parents committed to better understand and appreciate their children, and the children made the same commitment to their parents.

The children also learnt some fun action songs that they loved to sing while they danced around the room. At the end of a fun-filled day, to support each family with their children's education, some stationery items were also presented as a special gift to each child for their schooling needs.

Seven year old Praya said, "What I enjoyed most today was playing games and receiving a chocolate for winning the game!" Young Bibisha said, "I am so happy and had so much fun today. We played lots of games and received gifts for Children's Day. Thank you so much."


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