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First Time With My Family

Our wonderful "first times" are some of the memories we remember dearly for the rest of our lives, especially when these times are spent with loving family and friends. The same is true for BSF families who experience the joy of going on exciting outings for the first time together on family fun days.

Many BSF families are often unable to go on fun family outings together due to their responsibilities and the financial challenges they face. However, during BSF Family Fun Days, they are given exciting "first time" opportunities to spend time together to build strong relationships with one another and make great memories that last a lifetime.

Recently, BSF Families from Chiangmai Thailand were taken to the Tube Trek Water Park where they had a fabulous day with the whole family. The children were all so excited to play in the water and ride on tubes. It was such a fun and refreshing day for these families who have been through so much in their lives. It also brought a cool relief during the very hot summer season in Thailand.

Por Pla (upper right)

Por Pla said, “I am very happy to have had the opportunity to come to this Water Park. Despite living here in Chiangmai, I have never been able to come to this place before. This was the first time with my family.” It was also the first time for all of the BSF families and they had so much fun together!

Por Pla went on to say, “I am so glad that I could spend time here with my father, mother, and younger sister. My parents work so hard and rarely have time to rest with us, so thank you so much for supporting us and bringing us here.

A big thanks to all our volunteers and BSF partners who enable us to bring joy and respite to Por Pla and these precious families. We appreciate you all so much, and so do they.


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