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Journeying Towards Holistic Transformation

One of the most rewarding takeaways for BSF staff is seeing families holistically transformed during their 18-month journey with us. Eight Nepali families from Chhampi have completed their program and celebrated their achievements on an exciting graduation camp.

At the end of any program like this one in Chhampi, it is always good for BSF to evaluate and remind ourselves why we exist. Our Purpose at BSF is to keep loving families together, preventing the relinquishment of children to orphanages by those facing poverty or financial hardship. Through strategic partnerships, Building Strong Families provides holistic strengthening opportunities for at-risk families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children so more children can remain in a strong, loving and sustainable family. This is a goal we are glad to have achieved with eight families from Chhampi, Nepal.

To celebrate their achievements, BSF took the families from Chhampi on a special three day camp to Pokhara, one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal. Here they had the opportunity to share with each other how their lives and families have been strengthened during the BSF program. It was an encouraging time together and they were all so grateful.

Sarita expressed her gratitude by saying, “BSF has had such a huge impact in my family and personal life. Because of the trainings and guidance from BSF, my husband’s behaviour has improved so much. He is now supporting me and my daughter much better. The bond in our family has grown stronger. I would like to thank BSF and the staff for helping to strengthen our family. Thank you so much!”

Over the course of a BSF program, seeds are continually sown through trainings, home visitations, and holistic support. It is encouraging to see that through a lot of hard work from our BSF team in Nepal, those seeds are now taking root and beginning to bear good fruit in each participating family from Chhampi.

The BSF families from Chhampi really enjoyed their final outing and celebration camp. It is always encouraging for BSF to see families who have chosen to apply what they have learned and responsibly use what they have received, to empower them to keep their children in a stronger and more sustainable family. We look forward to staying in touch with all the graduates from Chhampi. May they continue to flourish and may the children thrive in loving sustainable families.


BSF is a partner for project J1079 & J1102 with Australian NGO, Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993). Donations to BSF through GlobHowal Development Group are tax deductible in Australia, NZ, and the USA.


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