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Joy for Kamala and Her Boys

Kamala lives in Nepal and was struggling to take care of her two sons, Nishant and Roshan. She was finding it difficult on her own and desperately needed some help.

Kamala with her two sons

Kamala's husband had proven time and time again to be irresponsible and left the family about ten years earlier to live and work abroad. He squandered the money he made on alcohol, women, and gambling, and rarely returned to visit the family or provide them with support.

When our Building Strong Families (BSF) partner in Nepal heard of Kamala’s situation, they invited her to join our 18-month BSF project. The determined goal was to help keep the boys together with their caring mother and to empower the family to become more sustainable, while also providing encouragement and a supportive social network that Kamala and her children needed.

Because of poverty and the financial hardships that Kamala faced trying to support her family on her own, it was difficult for her to provide for the basic needs and education of her children. BSF decided to try to help alleviate her poverty and provide for some of her expenses.

Since joining BSF, Nishant and Roshan have been attending free after-school tuition classes arranged by BSF to help them improve their grades. They are some of the most diligent students in the class.

Nishant and Roshan studying in class
I feel so blessed to be a part of BSF. It has helped me and my brother a lot!” (Nishant)

BSF also provided for the boys’ school fees, uniforms, school bags, and stationery items that Kamala was struggling to provide. This has really assisted the family and lightened Kamala's financial burden.

Nishant & Roshan receiving BSF educational supplies with their mother
I was very worried about how I would provide for my sons’ educational expenses, but now I don’t need to worry. My children are now more focused on their studies and have improved a lot.” (Kamala)

And to help Kamala become more sustainable to cover family expenses herself, BSF has assisted her to start her own grocery shop. She now has a renewed dignity and is making money to support her children herself.

Kamala in her grocery shop supported by BSF

On top of receiving educational support and income generation assistance, Kamala and her family are also involved in many other empowering activities provided by BSF over 18-months for all participating BSF families. Some of these activities include parent/caregiver training, health check-ups and support, family fun days, awareness-raising of existing social services, and regular home visitations from our caring project manager and team who offer ongoing counsel and encouragement.

Kamala and her boys are so grateful to BSF and our partners for bringing them renewed hope and joy, filling them with dignity, and supporting them to remain together in a loving sustainable family.


Would you please consider partnering with Building Strong Families (BSF) to help more mother's like Kamala provide a nurturing family for vulnerable children?

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