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Mushrooms Bringing Joy to Jib

Jib has had a very challenging life that left her unemployed and a single mother of three precious kids. But recently, her life has begun to turn around. Jib now has her own mushroom business and is selling all she can produce to support her family. Joy is returning to her household.

Jib is a single mother of three lovely young children. Due to personal challenges in her life, she had been unemployed for a long period. Jib's main source of income and family support came through her kind uncle.

After joining the BSF Chiangmai Thailand project, Jib began planning with BSF to determine the best way for her to earn more income to support her children. She eventually decided she would like to start a mushroom farm in her backyard.

Jib and her uncle found some materials they had laying around and constructed the framework of a room to house their mushrooms. BSF then provided training support, bamboo shelves, and 600 mushroom spawning bags. BSF also continues to monitor and support Jib and her new little business, visiting most weeks.

It wasn't too long before Jib had mushrooms popping out everywhere. Even her kids enjoy helping her pick mushrooms when they have finished their school homework.

Incredibly, Jib and her kids have been able to harvest and sell all they can produce each day to people in their community. Jib is now earning more money, and her own money, and supporting her family through her own little business. Joy, confidence, and dignity are being restored.

Jib and her children are so grateful for the support BSF has provided. Even those in the community have mentioned how delighted they are to see such positive change in a family that desperately required a bit of a helping hand.

Thanks to all who partner with BSF in any way, enabling families like Jib's to experience a breakthrough in their lives. We truly appreciate you, and so does Jib and her kids.


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