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New Home, Fresh Food, Reunification

Due to Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions in Nepal, some BSF parents and caregivers had been struggling to earn the income they normally would to support their families. At times, some were restricted from working at all.

Sapana is one such example. She lives alone with her son while her husband works abroad to earn income for the family. However, during the lockdowns, Sapana's husband has been unable to send her any financial support.

"During the hard times when there was no one to help me, BSF was there to help me through." - Sapana Magar

During this time, life became very difficult for Sapana. She was all alone without anyone to support her or her son emotionally and financially. Our BSF partner heard about Sapana's situation and invited her and her son to join the BSF program. As she got involved, Sapana began to discover a resilience and strength to face difficult situations in her life. Sapana and her son received health and education support through BSF, but perhaps even more importantly, they both received the love, care and emotional support that they desperately needed during a challenging season of their life.

The special Opening Day of their new home

After assessing the needs and planning together with the family, BSF provided Sapana and her son with a new temporary home to help them save more money. Sapana now saves the expensive monthly room rent she used to pay which helps to provide for the needs of her family. At their new house, there is even an area where she does some gardening to grow nutritious vegetables to supplement their diet, saving even more money. 

And perhaps the best news of all, Sapana’s husband has now decided to return home to be with the family. Sapana shared, "My husband is so happy to know about the support we have received through BSF. He has decided to come back here and live with us. I hope he does not have to leave our family again and can work here and be with us in the future.”


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