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Poverty, Education, & Second Chances

For most us, dropping out of school as a child to financially support our family is probably not something we have had to consider. But for Rojina and Keshav, it was a reality and consequence of growing up in poverty in Nepal.

BSF assists Rojina and Keshav to return to school

When their parents could no longer afford to pay for their school fees, Rojina and Keshav had to quit school and help support their impoverished family sell bamboo baskets door to door.

When our Building Strong Families partner heard of their situation, they invited the family to participate in an 18-month BSF family strengthening program. They counselled the family about the importance of education and how it is possible for their children to return to school.

Since that time, Rojina and Keshav have been assisted through BSF with all their educational needs and have returned to school.

Their father, Dukta, has also been assisted with income generation to improve and expand his bamboo basket business and is now making more money to pay for Rojina and Keshav’s school fees so they can stay in school.

The family also participate in bi-monthly trainings and family fun days. They have been assisted with health care, emotional support and counselling, and are regularly visited to monitor their progress and development.

With much gratitude, Dukta said, “We didn’t get a chance to go to school and faced many challenges. We wanted our children to go to school but we couldn’t afford to send them. You don’t know how happy I am that my children have been assisted by BSF to go back to school and study like other children.”

Building Strong Families - Nepal

The Building Strong Families project in Nepal operates in a poor community in Sunakothi where child labour and family separation is prevalent.

Together, with your help, we are helping families like Dukta’s become more sustainable so that children like Rojina and Keshav can stay in school and have the opportunity for a brighter future.


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