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Sabitri's Goats Pay for Her Daughter's Education

Empowering poor families to reach financially sustainability is a goal of BSF. Sabitri is one such glowing example...a hard-working and loving mother, she is now able to provide for the needs of her own family. After receiving five goats from BSF, Sabitri's herd has now grown to eight! This has enabled her to sell some goats to pay for her daughter's high school fees and also enroll her into university. This is a dream come true for both mother and daughter!

Sabitri lives in Chhampi, Nepal. She has two daughters and a son. Sabitri struggled to provide for the basic needs of her children. Before joining the BSF program, Sabitri sold the last few old goats she had at a very cheap price to try to put food on the table. She then started working in the fields to grow vegetables, but what she earned wasn't nearly enough to meet the needs of her children or pay for their school fees.

BSF provided Sabitri with five goats to kickstart her new farming venture

At one of the lowest points in her life, BSF heard about Sabitri's situation and invited her family to join a BSF family-strengthening program in Chhampi, Nepal. After a few months, the BSF team brainstormed with Sabitri about the best ways for her family to get ahead financially. With her skills and experience and the existing resources and markets available, Sabitri decided she would like to start goat farming again. After further planning and preparations, Sabitri was so grateful to receive five goats from BSF.

Sabitri took very good care of her goats. They were growing well and soon gave birth to three more baby goats, bringing her herd to a total of eight! After a few months, Sabitri was able to sell two of her goats and earn a very good profit. As soon as she received the money, Sabitri went to pay for her eldest daughter's outstanding school fees. This allowed her daughter, Sarika, to complete high school and achieve her dream of enrolling in university.

Sabitri was so proud of Sarika and full of joy to see her going to university and enrolling in a Bachelor's degree. Sarika was also delighted to be able to pursue her dream of getting a higher education so she can find a good job in the future to support her family.

With a grateful heart, Sabitri said, “I had no hope of earning more money because I couldn't start a business on my own. I used to worry a lot about my children’s future as I wasn't able to cover their educational expenses. But BSF provided a way for me to start my own business so I could make more money. I worked really hard to take care of my goats and now I am earning a good return. With this money, I have paid for my daughter's school fees and enrolled her into university. She is extremely happy to have the opportunity to attend university. I am so grateful to BSF for the support they have provided to help my family get ahead so we can meet all of our needs. Thank you all so much.”


BSF is a partner for project J1079 & J1102 with Australian NGO, Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993). Donations to BSF through Global Development Group are tax deductible in Australia, NZ, and the USA.


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