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Sangam's Delightful Smile

Who would have known that schoolbooks could make a child smile so brightly? But that is exactly what they did for Sangam!

In Chhampi, Nepal, schools have just begun and classes are now online. Schoolbooks were required for these new online classes but Sangam did not have any.

Due to the current pandemic, Sangam’s family has been greatly affected. Her parents have been struggling financially and were unable to purchase the books Sangam needed for her classes. Sangam’s father, Gopal, is a farmer. Before the pandemic, he used to work for others in their fields, but when the pandemic hit, he could not find any work to support his family. The work that had brought in the family’s main income was completely cut off.

When Sangam asked her mother, Mina, to buy the schoolbooks required for her online classes, her mother was unable to respond to her that there was no money. Nevertheless, Sangam’s mother did not lose hope and approached Alisha, the BSF project coordinator in Nepal, about the need for Sangam’s schoolbooks.

When the BSF team were made aware of this need, they immediately got into action and asked for a list of the required books that Sangam needed. They then took Sangam and her mother to the stationary store and purchased all the schoolbooks they required.

Upon providing the schoolbooks to Sangam, she brightly said, “Now I will be able to join the online classes tomorrow with the new books I’ve received!” Furthermore, Sangam’s Mother was so grateful and said, "I had no means to buy the books for my daughter. There was no income source to support my family and I was worried for my daughter's education. I really want to thank BSF as they have helped my daughter by providing her with the books she desperately needed. Without these, my daughter would not be able to join the online classes and continue her studies."

Now, Sangam is ready to continue her online classes with all the tools that she needs. Through the educational assistance that Sangam has received, she can keep smiling and doesn't need to worry about being unable to continue her online studies.

On top of this, BSF is currently working together with Gopal and Mina to research the best way to help them find more work and generate more income for their family. By the end of their time in the project, BSF's goal is that Gopal and Mina will become financially sustainable to cover all of Sangam’s educational expenses and any other needs themselves. This is all possible through the generous support of our partners and friends. BSF will do all we can to help Gopal and Mina build a strong and nurturing family for Sangam…and may she always keep that beautiful smile!


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