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Sanu's Tragedy and Triumph

Tragedy struck when Sanu’s husband was killed suddenly in a motorcycle accident soon after her teen marriage and the birth of her two children in Nepal. After learning of her desperate situation, BSF has come alongside Sanu and is helping her get back on her feet again.

Sanu's life took a turn for the worse after the accident. She was in great despair and became depressed and anxious after the death of her loving husband and the realisation she was now the sole provider for her family. Sanu's husband had earned quite a good income but had taken out a large loan during their marriage. Sanu now carried the full responsibility to repay the loan and to provide and care for her children on her own. She had little confidence in herself or her abilities and became overwhelmed with sadness and hopelessness.

After welcoming Sanu and her children into an 18-month holistic development program to strengthen families in Chhampi, Nepal, BSF supported her with regular counseling, encouragement and love to help her get back on her feet. This gave her a newfound confidence. Her family also received assistance from BSF with their education and health and enjoyed participating in special family fun days and parent/caregiver trainings.

BSF's aim is to help Sanu become more financially sustainable so that she can provide for all the needs of her children in the future. Therefore, after collaboration and planning with BSF staff, Sanu decided she would like to open a grocery store to earn more income to support the needs of her family.

With courage and a renewed confidence, Sanu took a step of faith and rented a shop space. BSF then purchased the grocery items and supplies she needed to set up her new business so she could get started. Sanu also received training from BSF on managing money and budgeting to help her run the accounts for her shop. It was exciting days again and her hope was growing that she could do this and provide for her family.

Sanu is now enjoying running her new business and has regular customers who return to buy her products. She is living proof that while life can be quite challenging at times, through loving support, prayer, encouragement, and determination, it is possible to work through trauma and tragedy and rebuild one's shattered life.

Sanu said, "After my husband passed away, I felt like I had lost everything. It seemed like I would be unable to recover from the situation I found myself in. But when I received support and encouragement from BSF, I began to believe in myself again and recovered from my depression. I now have enough income to provide food and daily expenses for my children and can even pay off some of the family debt. I am so grateful to BSF for their prayers and for helping me out of a pit of hopelessness."


BSF is a partner for project J1079 & J1102 with Australian NGO, Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993). Donations to BSF through Global Development Group are tax deductible in Australia, NZ, and the USA.


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