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Sushmita’s Small Business Success

Sushmita’s life in Nepal has been very challenging. Her and her husband have faced many struggles in their life. Financially, they were not coping to take care of their four-year-old son.

Sushmita and son at her new BSF food stall

Sushmita is a very responsible mother but needed work. Her husband suggested leaving the family to find work overseas but Sushmita wanted to keep the family together.

When our Building Strong Families partner in Nepal heard of their situation, they invited the family to participate in an 18-month BSF family strengthening program.

BSF aims to help keep families like Sushmita’s together and provide holistic development opportunities so they can become stronger and more sustainable.

Since joining the BSF program, Sushmita’s family are flourishing. Thave received support through BSF in the areas of health, education, training, counselling, family outings, and income generation.

Sushmita had skills and a desire to start a small business selling food and drinks on the street so BSF helped her with the training and equipment to get started. Business is booming and she is now earning up to five times what the family was before.

The family is now able to invest these savings back into their child. Sushmita’s husband is also helping at the food stall and is content to stay in Nepal with his family.

Sushmita is planning to expand her business in the future as she saves more for her family.

She joyfully said, “Now I can live without fear of the future and can send my son to a good school. I am so grateful to BSF for the positive changes I am seeing in our family.”

Thank you for your support of Building Strong Families. You are helping families like Sushmita’s stay together in their own communities and become more sustainable for the wellbeing of their precious children. You are making a difference!


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