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The Importance of Family, Family Roles, & Developing a Happy Family

'Family' may sound like a plain word, but it is used to explain such a sophisticated connection between a group of people. Some family members might be complete opposites, and yet there is a bond that somehow connects them. However, without proper nurture and understanding, developing a strong happy family can be a challenge for some.

“What is Family?”

BSF’s recent Training Day in Chhampi, Nepal was based around this crucial question. For families to grow strong, not only do they need physical support, but also psychosocial support and a good understanding of family values.

Three core topics were taught in this training to help develop these family values: ‘Importance of a Family’, ‘Roles in a Family’ and ‘How to Develop a Happy Family’.

In the first session on the 'Importance of a Family', participants were able to understand what a family is and realize what family means to them. The second session explored the different roles that family members play to build a strong family and the duties that are involved to help a family thrive. In the final session, participants learned the difference between making a Happy Family and making a family happy. It’s not about a momentary happiness but a deep happiness and commitment through both the ups and downs that permeates all aspects of family life.

During the training day, families had a chance to share their experiences and what they had learned. They personalized and contextualized their learning and applied it to their roles and responsibilities in their own family.

Following the training, Santoshi, one of the BSF training participants said, “I can see now that it is very important for my husband and I to look after our children well and develop a close relationship with them so that there will remain peace in our family and we can learn to solve our problems together." With this in mind, it sounds like Santoshi is on the right track to develop a good foundation for a Happy Family.

BSF is so grateful for all the support from our partners that enables us to continue building strong families and providing trainings like this for Santoshi's family, and many other families in our BSF projects. Many thanks.


Please consider partnering with BSF to provide training and holistic development opportunities for families like Santoshi's, to build stronger sustainable families.

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BSF is a partner for project J1079 with Australian NGO, Global Development Group. Donations to BSF through Global Development Group are tax deductible in Australia, NZ, and the USA.


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