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The Role of Parents & Positive Discipline

Being a good parent and a positive role model for children is a huge responsibility and challenge! Children are like sponges and absorb so much from a parent's example. BSF is providing training to families in Nepal to help with this responsibility.

Not all children have the privilege of growing up in warm loving families with positive role models. BSF aims to come alongside parents and caregivers in our projects to let them know they are not alone on this journey. Through BSF's regular Training Days (every two months) parents and caregivers in our projects are empowered and equipped to be positive role models for the children in their care.

Recently, the adults and children from our BSF Sunakothi project in Nepal, participated in a training on "The Role of Parents and Positive Discipline." Twenty-one people attended the training.

The training topics included: Being a Parent, Positive Discipline in a Family, and Effective Communication.

During the first session on 'Being a Parent', participants learned about the role of a parent and their responsibilities in the family.

The second session on 'Positive Discipline in a Family' gave an overview of discipline within families and how to provide positive discipline with children. There was a lot of healthy group discussion and participation.

In the final session on 'Effective Communication', parents and children learned how important effective communication is in building a healthy family. After this session, many parents came to realize they hadn't effectively shared their problems or happiness with their children. They learned that effective communication plays such an important role in solving many problems within the family and committed to try to better communicate with their children in the future.

The feedback from this training was really positive. Lights were turned on! Parents came to realize some things they want to begin to change in their disciplinary practices and also learned more about their role to be a positive parent who communicates effectively with their children.

Amos, the BSF project coordinator in Sunakothi, strives to follow-up with each of these families each week to assist them with the application of training material and to offer encouragement and support as needed.

On behalf of the families in our BSF Sunakothi project, thanks to all of you who enable us to provide trainings like this with these precious families. We appreciate you all so much.


Please consider partnering with BSF to provide training and holistic development opportunities to build stronger sustainable families. To donate, please click here: DONATE Thanks for any support you can provide.

BSF is a partner for project J1079 with Australian NGO, Global Development Group. Donations to BSF through Global Development Group are tax deductible in Australia, NZ, and the USA.


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