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Valuing Children

Children are precious, but also fragile. Childhood is a crucial time for kids to build a healthy self-image and to learn to value and respect others as well. Parents and caregivers have a wonderful opportunity to pour out love and encouragement to build up their child's self-esteem. This builds confidence and a sense of security, and helps children develop socially and emotionally.

In many parts of Asia and the world, children are to be seen but not heard. They are often the lowest rung on the social ladder, most vulnerable, and open to abuse and neglect. BSF wants to see this change amongst all our parents and caregivers and help them learn the importance of valuing and respecting children and each other. BSF therefore provides all participating families with a special training day on "Valuing Children".

In Sunakothi, Nepal, BSF families recently took part in one of these training days. The aim was to provide time and space for parents and guardians to reflect on how they value and understand their children. Throughout the day, they learnt how to better communicate, love, and encourage their children through various games and group discussions. It was a special time for all.

There were three sessions during the day that covered: Valuing Children; 'What is a Good Child?'; Holistic Child Development and The Importance of Family. Activities included group work and discussion, interactive games, and presentations of what they have learned.

There was a lot of positive feedback after the training from the participants who gleaned many new insights about themselves, their parenting style, and their children.

One of the parents, Rina Maharjan, said that she learnt that she needs to be more responsible in her role as a parent to love and encourage her children. Another parent, Sapana Magar, shared that she has learnt how she needs to better guide and instruct her child in ways without repeatedly scolding or berating them. It was a positive time of reflection and learning for all parents.

This training day has helped parents contemplate more about how precious their little ones really are. It has also helped children to see the worth and value in themselves and others around them.

Thanks to all our BSF partners who have blessed us to be a blessing to these families. You enable us to provide trainings like these so those we work with can better understand the value in children, family, and each other. As BSF continues to monitor and work with these families, we hope and pray they will live out what they have learnt in this training and pass it on to others. May the overflow of loving and valuing one another in their own family, impact their extended family, community and beyond.


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