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Your Voice is Heard

Children learn they are precious and valuable from those who value them. When we value children, we also give them time and carefully listen to what they have to say. Prajwal recently learned the importance of listening to the voice of a child.

When I was a young child, I felt like older people didn't listen to me and my words were not important to them. As I got older, I found I repeated their actions and did not listen to what younger children said to me,” said 18-year-old Prajwal.

Prajwal has been actively participating in BSF activities in Chhampi, Nepal, and recently attended a training day with his family about “Valuing Children”. As he reflected, he became more aware of his own experiences, thoughts, and actions. He realized that change needed to start with him and he needed to value those younger than him and listen to what they had to say.

Throughout the training day, the participants learnt that a good start to valuing children is to develop effective communication skills, to listen to them, and recognize and encourage their efforts. All participants shared their own experiences and listened and learned from one another.

After the training, Prajwal was encouraged and said, “I now understand that we need to listen to what children have to say and value their words. Children also have important things to say that are valuable and we can learn from them too.

Every voice is important, no matter how old we are. It has been said we have two ears but only one mouth, so maybe we should listen twice as much as we speak. Let us not forget to make time to listen to children, and to value others and ourselves.


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